Issue No. 20


AVAILABLE IN DIGITAL FORMAT! CLICK ON THE COVER TO VIEW! Herping the Pilbara, Captive Reproduction of the Hundred-pace Viper, Snake Hunting in Amazonia, An Overview of the Dendrobatid Frogs of Venezuela, Captive Reproduction and Hatchling Care of Big-headed Turtles, Column – Herpetoculture in a Changing World by Philippe de Vosjoli, Column – Herp Insight by Nick Mutton, Herp Nation Image Lab – Echinosaura horrida, and more!

Issue No. 19


AVAILABLE IN DIGITAL FORMAT! CLICK ON THE COVER TO VIEW! Leaf Tailed Geckos, Paradise Flying Snakes, Farancia, Herping Bimini, Columns by Philippe de Vosjoli – Nick Mutton – Russ Gurley, and more! 60 pages, full color.

Issue No. 18


AVAILABLE IN DIGITAL FORMAT! CLICK ON THE COVER TO VIEW! First Captive Reproduction of Borneo Earless Monitors / Lesser Sunda Islands / Beaded Lizards / Mangrove Salt Marsh Snakes, and more.

Issue No. 17


AVAILABLE IN DIGITAL FORMAT! CLICK ON THE COVER TO VIEW! Boa Constrictors from the Islands of Central America – Goniurosaurus – Sea Turtles in Mexico – Nicaragua’s Rio San Juan – The Era of Reptile Domestication – Living Natural – Ashy Gecko, and more!

Issue No. 16


Green Tree Monitors / Bipes biporus / Rattlesnake Bite Account / Herping the Danum Valley / Manual Pipping of Reptile Eggs / Mexican Mussurana

Issue No. 15

Herp Nation Magazine Issue 15

Centralian Pythons / Bearded Dragons / Caudate Care / Bauer’s Chameleon Gecko

Issue No. 14


Scaleless Ball Pythons / Komodo Dragon’s Bacteria / Herping Paraguay / Agalychnis – Circle of Life (photo essay) and more!

Issue No. 13


Featuring Snake Venom, Samos Island, Treasury Island Treefrog, Ecuador, and more.

Issue No. 12

Herp Nation Magazine Issue 12

Featuring Papuan Taipans, Northern Madagascar, Reptile Taxidermy, Mimic Poison Frogs, and much more!

Issue No. 11

HNM-Issue 11

Inside Herp Nation Magazine Issue No. 11….

Issue No. 10

Herp Nation Magazine - Issue 10

Herp Nation Magazine Issue 10 preview….

Issue No. 9

Herp Nation Magazine - Issue 9

Herp Nation Magazine Issue 9 preview….

Volume 2.5 (Issue 8)

Herp Nation Magazine - 2.5

Paradoxism / Green Ratsnakes / Winter Salamandering / Into the Pine Barrens / Frogging in Amazonia

Volume 2.4 (Issue 7)

Herp Nation Magazine - Cover - Volume 2.4

Mussurana / Phrynocephalus / Virtual Reptile Communities / Plethodontids / Nicaragua

Volume 2.3 (Issue 6)

Herp Nation Magazine - Volume 2 Issue 3 - COVER

VENOM ISSUE – Bite Treatment / Venomous Laws in the USA / Heloderma / Midget Faded Rattlesnakes / Lizard Venom

Volume 2.2 (Issue 5)


Horned Lizards / Black Kingsnakes / Snail Eating Snake / Baja California / Hydromantes

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